Monday, September 23, 2013

RESURRECTION, Book 3 in the Resurrection Trilogy

   The world is a changed place.  The landscape of humanity has been indelibly altered.
   Though Amoreena and the young child ’Cesa hold the secret to a cure for the deadliest plague to cross the globe in the history of mankind, implementing it will require tremendous luck and a Herculean effort.
    First, Amoreena and her companions must survive the long dangerous trek north to California, where Amoreena can access the technology necessary for her to pull off a miracle.  Along the way, she’ll confront numerous challenges and obstacles, including battling the infectados, the mutant survivors of enfermedad del diablo, a race of post viron subhumans that threatens to erase three hundred thousand years of evolution.
    She’ll need help.  And she’ll find it in the most unexpected places and situations.  But will Amoreena’s luck hold out long enough for the salvation of mankind?

    Read RESURRECTION, the startling and riveting conclusion to GARGOYLES and PLAGUE.





Thursday, July 25, 2013

IWU Summer Splash Blog Hop!

Get ready! It's time for the IWU Summer Splash Blog Hop! Are you ready for some splashing summer fun? Then let's go. First, a few rules for the contest.

Any reader/writer is eligible. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog post beginning 7/26. Very important--please leave an email address where I can contact you. At the end of each day, I will randomly pick a winner and the winner's name will be posted below. The prize is a free Smashwords coupon for my sci-fy paranormal romance The Learner.  From 7/26 through 7/29, there will be four winners.

Then on 7/30, I will randomly choose one winner from these four who will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Now for the REALLY good news! There will be some really great grand prizes! An 8.9" Kindle Fire HD, a $100 Amazon gift card, $50 Amazon gift card, signed paperback books, and ebooks.

That's it. Simple. So everyone enjoy yourselves and have fun. With all the different blogs participating, there are plenty of prizes for everyone. Click on the link above or below and START HOPPING! Everone have a great summer spash!

Day #1 winner--Denise/alice. Congrats!

Day #2 winner--Melissa Keir. Congrats!

Day #3 winner--Lynsey Peterson. Congrats!

Day #4 winner--Kimberly M. Congrats!

Winner of $50 gift card--Denise. Congrats!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Roaring in fury, the giant predator reared up on his hind legs and lashed viciously at the tree trunk. The cat’s three-inch talons separated strips of bark eleven feet off the ground, sending the juvenile black bear scurrying even higher, safely out of the huge carnivore’s reach. In past years, the ill-tempered predator would have simply climbed the tree after his victim, or if the tree was too small to scale as in this case, used its heavy bulk and powerful front legs to push the sapling over. With the infection in his extremity steadily worsening each day, though, this was no longer an option. Growling and famished, the previous night’s ibex having barely touched his appetite, the enraged carnivore moved away, unmindful of the scattered snow flurries touching his white fur.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Smilodon Excerpt

The bull elk grazed sanguinely along the edge of the clearing, keeping upwind of the thick copse of loblolly pines and rocky ridgeline. For most of the year a gregarious species, in another three months, this second-largest member of the family cervidae, exceeded in size only by the moose, would be transformed from a gently plodding giant into an aggressive androgen-crazed brute capable of inflicting severe harm with its four-foot tined antlers.

For now, though, the male elk was content to feed on grasses, twigs, bark, and freshly sprouted shoots.

The predator struck quickly, springing from the top of a craggy boulder, landing flush on the back of the thousand-pound mammal. With two lightning-fast thrusts, the cat sank its double scimitar-like canines deep into the bull’s thick neck, lacerating arteries, muscles, and nerves. Geysers of blood spewed from the wounds and in less than fifteen seconds the gangly giant was reduced to a quivering lifeless carcass.

The carnivore tore into the warm fleshy part of the dead elk, pulling and tugging at the soft meat. Prying his imposing snout into the still steaming viscera, he sheared off entire organs in massive chunks. Once his famished appetite was satisfied, the big cat limped back to the cover of the ridgeline.

What happens when the giant cat encounters prey that carry high powered rifles and hunt in four wheel drive vehicles?

Read Smilodon and see how the battle plays out!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Dark Universe

There's a side of the universe we've never seen. Never touched. Never communicated with. But we know it's out there. The Dark Universe. There are beings we've never seen, never touched, never communicated with. And they know we're out there.

But things are about to change.

An alien from this strange dark world we've never seen, never touched, never communicated with has arrived on Earth.

We will see her, touch her, we'll communicate with her.

The Learner is here!