Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's been a week

A week has passed since  I released BARBARY POINT. The good news is the book has sold some--some being relative. My realistic goal was to sell one a day and I've done that. Now I will try to extend that for an entire month. So by June 13th, I want to have 30 sales under my belt.  I do have a plan for my indie publishing attempt. BARBARY POINT was released in May/11 and for the next three months I would like to release a book a month. Tentatively the schedule will be GARGOYLES in June, THE UNNATURAL in July, and in August RETRUN TO UNDERLAND, my children's story. This is doable, though the formatting issues are proving quite a challenge. We'll see. Regarding my blog, the good news is I'm at least posting. The bad news is I have absolutely no followers. But I have a plan in print so I had better follow it. Time to get back to formatting and editing GARGOYLES. You know each time I read this story, I realize it  is pretty decent--it should get a few readers. In this business, though, nothing is absolute--except death and rejection letters.

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  1. Great news Alan. Best of luck with your books. Hoping readers discover the talented author in you.