Wednesday, August 17, 2011

IWU! Blog Tour welcomes Vale Avari!

This week, I am particularly thrilled because, although Heather Marie Adkins, author of the well-reviewed paranormal mystery novel  THE TEMPLE, is unable to attend, I  am pleased  to announce the sexy and beautiful protagonist  of THE TEMPLE, Vale Avari , is here to shed light—literally as she has super-powers—on what it is like to be a beautiful  heroine in a well-conceived story.

So let’s get on with it as I know Vale is a busy character—I mean woman—these days.

1 First, let me say--is it okay if I address you as Vale, thank you—so Vale, I want to thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to fly out to California through cyberspace and be with me. You are actually prettier in real life. Wow! You may even be prettier than your creator—ooops, better not go there. Anyway, Vale, I guess we’ll begin by asking, how does it feel to be walking around in the real world of humans?

I don’t know if I should blush or punch you.  My dad would probably have a FIT if he had to come all the way here from Mississippi to bail me out of jail, so let’s pretend I’m blushing.

This is the real world?  Wow.  It’s a bit, ahem, different.  Though it IS a lot warmer here than back home in Quicksilver.  England?  You know?  Land of constant drip and little sunshine.  I could definitely take to the warmth here in CA.

2 While reading THE TEMPLE, I was really intrigued at some of your super-powers—one, especially. Your strength. It’s not often I come across a woman as stunning as you who could body slam me. When did you first realize you were “stronger than the other boys and girls?” What were the circunstrances?
And as a follow up—just how many pounds can you bench press—I mean you have a nice chest there, Vale—Umm, sorry, excuse me, I’m sure you know what I meant.

Careful there, buddy, let’s return to the “chick with superpowers” comment.  As stated before, I’d rather not visit the local convict bin and you certainly don’t want to go to the hospital, do you? 

Really, I grew up knowing about my strength.  My mom, Theresa, says she found out when I was three.  Apparently, I picked her up, but I don’t remember it.  Hell, I can’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday much less something I did before I had a full set of teeth.  But some of my earlier memories are of testing my powers on my sister.  When she would make me mad because she followed me around everywhere, I’d pick her up and put her in the old Blue Spruce pine tree in the front yard.  For the record, the ‘rents did not think it was funny.

How much can I bench press? Hmm.  The infinity symbol is that little sideways eight thingie.

3 Vale, you really are a good-looking individual. I recall reading in THE TEMPLE, you mentioned it had been a while since you had any sexual relations. First, WHY? You must have plenty of opportunities with all the characters walking around in fictionland. Was it because Ms. Adkins kept you on short leash? Or were you just waiting until someone like Brett slid (no pun intended, Ms. Avari) into your life?

This is a fitting question following the previous one about my strength.  Have you ever had sexual relations with a woman who exhibited superstrenth, Mr. Nayes?  No, I bet you haven’t.  We are few and far between, not to mention we like to fly under the radar lest the government know we exist.  Suffice it to say it can be an extremely unpleasant situation.  From what I’ve figured, most of us “gifted” kids tend to run with the pack simply because it makes life easier.  Until I moved to Quicksilver and met a bunch of others like me, I had no idea just how nice it was.  Not to  mention I still didn’t have perfect control over a certain power, you know the kinda ruined the mood when I would accidentally end relations before they began...that power got easier to deflect just within the last five years.

Heather doesn’t keep me on a short leash.  First of all, I dare her to try.  Secondly, she’s an advocate for all things sexual, but don’t tell her I told you that.  It would tear apart her ‘good girl’ vibe.

4 Vale, is there any scenario in THE TEMPLE that if you could have had it work out differently, you would do over? (No worries, Ms. Adkins will never read this)

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, but there is a point where I’m too late to the climactic shindig and a friend suffers for it.  I wish it hadn’t happened.  The guilt still eats at me.

5 Ever thought of jumping into another novel—with or without the author’s permission—and if so, what book?

What’s that one...Dusklight?  Nightlight?  You know what I’m talking about?  Yeah, I’d love to take a quick visit to that one.  First of all, I’d use a bit of my strength on the vampire to show him how much of a weenie he really is.  Then--and let’s keep this between us because honestly, I think Heather respects other novelists for whatever goddess forsaken reason--I’d go pull the protagonist’s hair.  Like a girl.  Because she’s so much of a sap she makes me wish I were a man.

6 As a quick follow up, if you could become romantically involved with any other character, either in THE TEMPLE or some other book, who would it be?

Mr. Darcy.  From Pride and Prejudice.  For the sake of everything holy, don’t tell anyone.  I have an image to uphold.

7 Last, when can readers expect to see you again? What is the title?

I’ll be around in the summer of 2012 as someone very near to my heart is threatened by an enemy whose name you probably know.  It is early stages yet, so title to be determined.

8 Actually, I lied Vale. This is the last question—would you like to go out sometime? I have a great kindle.

Have you met Brett?  He may look like a shaggy emo kid, but he’s awful protective of me.  (she says with a sweet smile)

On the other hand, he is in England and it is just a little date...ahem. You’re not so bad lookin’ yourself, stud.  Coffee and a Kindle?

Again I would like to thank Ms. Vale Avari, the seductively stunning heroine of THE TEMPLE, for stopping by and enlightening us on how it feels to be super beautiful, super strong, and super cool.

BTW, Vale is far too pretty to hang out with a poor blogger like me.

(But, damn, she sure smells super good!)

Ginger and Frankincense oil, my favorite scent.  Supposedly drives the men MAD with desire.  I guess it’s working.

Yes, it is, Vale!

Readers, though Vale is difficult to reach at times (unless you have connections like me) you may contact Vale's author creator and best friend Heather Marie Adkins at the links below:


Heather’s books can be purchased below:


The Temple


  1. Thanks for letting Vale come visit, Alan! I've put her properly in her box where she belongs. All she talks about is what a great guy you are. I'm trying to keep it from Brett.

  2. That's good, Heather, I don't want Brett coming after me. Unless he buys a bunch of the eclective's books.

  3. Wow, Mr. Nayes, you certainly ask a lot of bold questions. Nice to meet you, Ms. Vale. Remind me never to piss you off.