Sunday, September 25, 2011

IWU! Blog Tour welcomes Laura Yirak!

This week it is my pleasure to welcome talented indie author Laura Yirak to the blog tour. Laura spent her early years in Scotland attending a school that was rumored to be haunted. Now that's interesting. She lives in the States now and published Delivered to Eternity just this last March. Writing is her passion which is exemplified by her novel's many five star reviews.

Let's meet Laura.

How did you come up with the title of your book?

Delivered to Eternity was named so, because that is my pure romantic definition of a vampire. In becoming one--you are 'delivered to eternity'--your own.

What is Delivered to Eternity about?

Alesta is a nurse with a secret. When babies start disappearing from her hospital, the police investigation implicates her. The police, however, are the least of her problems, as her past comes back alive. Such is the way with vampires.

Alexandria, Scotland has no idea what’s coming!

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Did anything special inspire you to write this particular story? Why?

I was inspired by my experiences from working as a nurse in an Intensive Care Unit. I felt some things after people passed away that I could not just explain away medically, though I never spoke of it at the time.

Tell us a little about any current works in progress.

I am currently writing a psycho-thriller set on the Washington coast.  It's INTENSE!

What do you as an author find as the most challenging aspect of writng? How do you deal with this?

I would love more time to write. Currently, if I’m lucky, I get two hours per day to write. I deal with this by packing in as much as I can.

What are you currently reading?

I am about to start, Melissa Smith’s, Thunderhead.

If you could coauthor a story with any writer out there—deceased or alive—who would it be? Or would you even consider collaboration?

I would join up with anyone from IWU J

Writing can be very challenging—what do you do to just “get away” for a break every so often?

There are a few cabins I like to visit in foothills of the Cascades, or on the beach on Orcas Island--no TV, no internet. 

What do you like LEAST about writing?

Editing--I like being done and sometimes it’s as though I could edit and add forever.

Any advice for beginning authors?

Go for it! Now is the time!

Tell us about your other published works.

I have a new children’s series, The Adventures of Be Boo and Dolly.
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How can readers contact you?

Visit my blog:

Amazon Links:

 Thanks---yours Laura

 Thank you, Laura, for the entertaining interview and good luck with all your projects.


  1. I think I would love to spend some time in Scotland and attend a haunted school. Or perhaps I just like the idea of it, visiting Scotland is a must on my one-day list. I once attended an old school (at least a hundred years old) and was terrified to go to the bathroom alone.

    Red sent me.