Tuesday, September 6, 2011

IWU! Blog Tour with Red Tash!

This week it is my pleasure to welcome Red Tash to the IWU Blog tour. Red Tash writes dark fantasy. If you like Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, or Holly Black, then you like dark fantasy, and you will like Red Tash. So let's welcome Red.


Thanks for having me on your blog this week!

The long Labor Day weekend has just ended, and it’s back to work for us writers, just like everyone else.  The different for us, of course, is that we set our own timetables, even when we’re under deadline.  Do I linger over coffee while the family sleeps, enjoying the quiet?  Should I rush downstairs to my waiting computer and see how much I can accomplish?

I often wonder how my idols get anything done during their day.

I was saying to a fellow author, on a publishing bulletin board recently “It’s hard to sound like a fan anymore without sounding stalkery,” and to me, that’s sad.  What’s wrong with wanting to know a little more about the workflow and thought processes of your favorite writers?  It doesn’t mean you’re planning on moving to their town or sneaking up on them in the dead of night.  It just means you feel a kinship with them, and are curious if you can learn anything from them.  It dismays me a little that anyone who takes an interest in us anymore is automatically “SwimFan” material.

Having said all that, I did a little research into how my favorite authors write.

Neil Gaiman is such a prolific presence on the net that one wonders how he even finds the time to write.  He said in a 2006 interview that his process evolved from writing and smoking all night, to becoming a daytime writer, after he was married and had children.  Eventually he was also able to afford remote cabin rentals where distractions were a minimum.  Hrm…every writer’s dream, Neil.

JK Rowling famously had a vision about Harry Potter while riding a train, then spent years amassing notes and drawing sketches of her ideas.  When the time came for her to write, she said she felt like she was carving the first book out of a mass of notes.  We all know the story, of how she would push her daughter around in a stroller and then work on her manuscript by hand.  For those of us addicted to the instant gratification of seeing our words appear on screen (not to the mention the convenience of self-expression at the rate of 90 wpm), writing stories out longhand can.  Seem.  Impossibly.  Slow.  And who’s to say how she’s doing it now?  She’s not that forthcoming.

Stephen King says you can write anywhere, but you do have to have the time to do it.  I read an interview with him bragging about how he wrote a chapter of a novel in a notebook while holding the leash for his dog, waiting on his wife and son to finish an activity.  Of course there’s his amazing book, On Writing, to draw inspiration from, as well, along with a host of other books meant to encourage writers to write—but the mechanics of who, when, etc. remain somewhat of a mystery for some of us.

The thing that’s common to all the above stories, in my opinion, is the burning passion to write.  Even knowing that what you’re writing may not be your best work—it’s a draft, after all, in most cases, just the act of writing needs to be acknowledged and valued. 

It was Labor Day weekend, these past few days.  If you’re reading this, you probably worked a bit during the break, didn’t you?  You worked on your novel, you tidied up a draft.  Perhaps you were busy uploading something to Kindle.  We’re in luck, us writers.  We’re so passionate about what we do that we will write while walking the dog, while watching the children, while vacationing with the pure intent of writing.  Writing is a drive, a purpose, a need, and a luxury, all in one. 

Where are you writing today?  On what topic?  How?  I’m curious.  If you’re not a writer, then what are you reading?  Leave a comment here on Alan’s blog, and the most interesting response will win a free copy of my upcoming book, This Brilliant Darkness.  I’d love for you to join me at RedTash.com, as well, where I post art, videos, photos, and quotes that inspire me, as well as thoughts on the writing life, sneak peeks into my work, and the occasional contest for you, the reader.

Red Tash is the author of the dark fantasy This Brilliant Darkness, coming within a matter of days to Amazon Kindle Store and Smashwords, and soon for most other ebook platforms including Nook and Kobo.  Red’s free short fairy tale The Wizard Takes a Holiday is available for free, and you can find other samples of Red’s work on her website, RedTash.com.  Look for a huge prize giveaway to celebrate the release of This Brilliant Darkness.  You could win a free Kindle, gift certificates to Amazon, and books by other hot fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal authors!

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Thank you again, Red, for participating in the IWU! blog tour. And readers, don 't forget about Red's huge prize givaway!


  1. I can pretty much write anywhere and distractions never phase me. Just ask my wife!

  2. Congrats, Alex, you're my winner. Emailing you now.

  3. Thanks again for hosting me, Alan. The Trick or Treat Bash is alive and rolling, and I can't wait to see who will win a copy of your book (and mine) as part of the Grand Prize Package. http://RedTash.com/bash

    So glad I discovered Alex's blog, as well.