Thursday, October 27, 2011

Giant Cat!

The true Smilodons  lived from 2.5 million up to approximately 10,000 years ago. These majestic predators roamed North America until the end of the Ice Age. There are actually three Smilodon species, though Smilodon fatalis is the most well known. Weighing up to 600 pounds Smilodon fatalis was about the size of present day Siberian tigers. The huge cat in SMILODON is much larger because of a mutated atavistic gene. Technically Smilodons were not tigers, yet they are often referred to as saber-toothed tigers. Tigers belong to a different subfamily of felines. These huge cats, famous for their large canines sometimes approaching a foot in length, preyed on the large mammals of their time—bison, deer, tapir, camels and ground sloths. There is some evidence they might have even killed smaller mastodons and mammoths as well as prehistoric humans. The giant predator in SMILODON fed on elk and moose and deer, though once homo sapiens invaded his domain, the human carnage became inevitable. No one messes with an enraged Smilodon, especially a mutated one, and lives to tell about it!

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  1. Cool! Your facts, and your cover, certainly entice me to read.

  2. I love reading about creatures from the past. Science today makes these stories more and more possible, and for me, more and more enjoyable. Looks like a winner!

    Regina Duke

  3. Sheila and Regina, thx for stopping by--hope you didn't get cat scratched!