Saturday, November 26, 2011


Samhain Publishing has announced a future release date for my erotic supernatural tale GIRL BLUE. I've included the Amazon link. Yeah, I know in August 2012, but thought I would warn everyone now. Lol.
GIRL BLUE is the story of a terminally ill sculptor who becomes haunted by his last work. Yup, it's a bizarre tale that will keep you reading.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Plague Synopsis!

Below is the synopsis to PLAGUE, the sequel to my novel GARGOYLES. PLAGUE is book two in the Resurrection Trilogy series. The PLAGUE cover is being designed as you read this...

In nine days, modern civilization will come to a jolting halt.
   Unaware she stands on the brink of a global catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude, Amoreena Daniels embarks on a goodwill mission to the Yucatan jungles of southern Mexico. Four years have passed since her involuntary participation in a diabolical transgenic cloning experiment and subsequent narrow escape from the Las Canas research facility buried deep in the Guatemalan rainforests. In PLAGUE, the riveting sequel to the science fiction thriller, GARGOYLES, Amoreena is ready to move on with her life. She’s on the verge of graduating from UCLA medical school and set to begin a prestigious residency at Stanford.
  Only weeks before her graduation, Amoreena and her new boyfriend, Dr. Robert Kincaid, an ambitious ophthalmologist, join the Flying Samaritans and fly to the Yucatan where they will deliver care to the poor. Early in the trip, though, Amoreena and the other Samaritans are caught totally unprepared by the massive spread of illness. In one night, all of Amoreena’s coworkers succumb horribly to enferma de diablo, the devil’s sickness. Before her eyes, people become monsters; insanity, cannibalism, grotesque physical transformations are hallmarks of this rampant disease. An entire village is wiped out.
   The contagion is a highly infectious gene altering viron, inadvertently released by Dr. Ross Becker’s organization, Amoreena’s nemesis from GARGOYLES, and has spread globally. This primitive virus-like protein is a ticking time bomb programmed to detonate at zero-time, the point maximum virulence is reached and everyone exposed will be altered. The vast majority will die. Amoreena reunites with her companions from Las Canas, and together they must flee for their lives. But this time there is no place to run. No place is safe. While attempting to save her own life, Amoreena is suddenly confronted with another startling revelation—one that just might hold the key to the salvation of mankind!
   Fasten your seat belts, close your eyes, and pray like hell, because the world as we know it is coming to an end!