Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today we have Kevin Domenic!

 I am happy to announce the talented indie author Kevin Domenic is with me today. Kevin is the author of Building Blocks and has been writing fantasy novels since he was fourteen. Originally from Thomas Edison's hometown of West Orange, New Jersey, Kevin currently lives and works in St. Louis where he is actively pursuing his writing career. From the five star review Building Blocks has received, it appears Kevin is definitely heading in the right direction. Thank you, Kevin for stopping in. Welcome!

So here we go, Kevin, you have the mike!

1 Kevin, tell us about your recent release.

Building Blocks is a Christian novel that explores the life of an abused young man named Herbert as he struggles to understand why a loving God would allow bad things to happen in this world.

2 How did you come up with the title of your book?

Throughout the course of my own life, I've watched as the negative events of my life have actually helped me grow into the person I am.  In effect, each hardship is just another building block of my personality.  I really believe that without trials, without struggles, without adversity, we would never learn anything.  It's a requirement in order for us to grow as people.

3 What is about?

Herbert is a suicidal young man, isolated from the world and tired of trying to belong.  The book is written in journal form; he is in therapy undergoing a unique treatment which involves traveling back through time to witness the events of his youth which scarred him so deeply.  Throughout it all, he begins to see how each puzzle piece fell together, how each event had positive effects, and how the troubles we experience can rarely be taken at face value.

4 Did anything special inspire you to write this particular  story? Why?

In many ways, this is the story of my life.  Many of the things in this book actually happened to me.  There are differences—Herbert's parents are abusive alcoholics while my parents were both wonderful—but the underlying journey that Herbert must take is very similar to my own struggle to understand the harsh reality of this world. 

Why?  Because I wanted to try to use my experiences to help others.  If there's one thing I've learned, it's that no matter how alone you may feel in this world, there are always people out there going through the same thing.  And the feedback I've received so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  The reviews on Barnes & Noble and Amazon's websites have brought tears to my eyes.

5 Tell us a little about any current works in progress.

I have returned to The Fourth Dimension, my sci-fi/fantasy series.  Currently, I'm working on a free webseries from The Fourth Dimension universe called Shades of Gray.  I've written one Episode already, and I'm currently wrapping up Episode II.  It can be found here:

6 What do you as an author find as the most challenging aspect of writing? How do you deal with this?

Paying attention.  It's not that I'm not interested in my writing—I very much am!—I just am easily distracted.  If I'm having too much trouble wording a description or something, I'll get a soda.  Then check facebook.  Before I know it, a half-hour has passed and I'm sitting there complaining to myself that I've made no progress!  It's my own fault, I know.  And I deal with it by forcing myself to stay at the computer as long as it takes because I want to make progress with my work.

7 What are you currently reading?

Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan.  Admittedly, I've been slacking in reading lately; between writing and working full-time and such, I haven't found a whole lot of reading time.

8 If you could coauthor a story with any writer out there—deceased or alive—who would it be? Or would you even consider collaboration?

I don't know that I could.  I've tried working with people before, but I tend to get very territorial about my ideas.  I'm very specific on how things should look, feel, and sound, and I get nuts if I can't make it work right.  It's a sickness, really.  A sort-of OCD.

9 Writing can be very challenging—what do you do to just “get away” for a break every so often?

Video games, mostly.  Gaming inspired my writing interest to begin with, so it's always a good escape for me.  It's just sad that the industry doesn't put out quality RPGs like it used to.  There hasn't been a good Final Fantasy game since number ten, and there hasn't been an awesome RPG since the days of Final Fantasy III (U.S.) and Chrono Trigger.

10 What do you like LEAST about writing?

Promoting.  I hate selling myself.  I don't like telling people I'm awesome because I don't really feel that way.  When I tell people my books are great, it feels arrogant and pompous.  I'd much rather let other people decide for themselves whether or not they like it.

11 Any advice for beginning authors?

Do not, under any circumstances, let anyone tell you that you can't do it.  If you really want it, if you're really dedicated, and if you put in every ounce of effort, you can do anything.  Like Kermit the Frog says:  "Life's like a movie.  Write your own ending."

12 Tell us about your other published works.

There are three volumes of The Fourth Dimension currently available.  Volume I is called Key to the Stars, Volume II is called Alliance of Serpents, and Volume III is called Eye of the Tornado.  The series is about a young teen named Arus who has his free-will stolen from him after suffering a tragic disfigurement.  Then there's Retail Ramblings, a collection of true stories I wrote about my years of servitude to the retail beast.  And of course, there's Building Blocks.

13 How can readers contact you?

The best place is my facebook page:

Then there's my website:

And, of course, my twitter:!/KevinDomenic

List of purchase links for your books.

Key to the Stars:

Alliance of Serpents:

Eye of the Tornado:

Retail Ramblings:

Building Blocks:

Anyone who comments will be offered a coupon code to get Key to the Stars for free on  Additionally, Building Blocks is always free for download from any ebook site.

Thanks so much for having me on your site! :)

You're so welcome, Kevin. Stop by again sometime.


  1. I like and believe in the idea of building blocks that help form who we are.
    I have gone through my own form of Hell in the past two years and I am
    coming through stronger and even better, but that wasn't always so.
    Getting up every day and having faith in yourself helps. And writing is
    that place where you can put everything. We are so so lucky to be writers.
    Fun interview.

  2. Hey there Word Actress - thanks for the comments! :) Send me an email at and I'll give you a Smashwords coupon for a free copy of Key to the Stars! :)

  3. i agree Word Actress, you have to have faith in yourself and your writing.
    thx for stopping in both of you.