Saturday, May 26, 2012

GIRL BLUE becomes a bestseller!

Granted it is only in horror, and only on the Samhain publishing website. But the feeling is still good. I hope this will gain the story wider readership. Have to wait and see. GIRL BLUE was released in early April but only today has the novel ever graced a bestseller position. The novel debuted at #3 and has since dropped to #5.

GIRL BLUE  is an erotic supernatural story about a terminally ill sculptor who becomes haunted by his last work.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming talented author Angela White. She will be telling us about her latest release ADRIAN'S EAGLES, book four in her Life After War series. Thank you for stopping by, Angela. Compelling cover, btw.

1 Tell us about your upcoming release.
Adrian’s Eagles is book 4 in my 2012 series and very anticipated. I’ve had fans waiting for it most of this year and a good chunk of last, but it wasn’t ready until now. Adrian’s Eagles has multiple plots and subplots but the main theme is the final battle with the Slavers that have been hounding their every step.

2 How did you come up with the title of your book?
I wondered what life would be like after war = life After War. When it was broken into a series, I tried to name each novel after the main theme of each book. For instance, book one is about the immediate aftermath of the apocalypse. It’s called the Survivors.

3 What is---------about?
Fated to lead New America, seven special people survive the apocalypse, only to find themselves on an adventure that will shake the very core of who they thought they were. From dangerous trips into dark, decaying cities, to patriotic rescues and magic revelations, Life After War is an action packed fantasy where those left must come to terms with their mistakes in the old world, while fighting for a place in the new one.

4 Did anything special inspire you to write this particular story? Why?
The Terminator films and watching President Clinton get elected. Need I say more?

5 Tell us a little about any current works in progress.
I’m actually taking the summer off now that my new release is live and I haven’t chosen what I’ll be working on. Just need to give my blurry eyes a break… but I suspect something horrible perfect will find its way to my pen.

6 What do you as an author find as the most challenging aspect of writing? How do you deal with this?
Finding the quiet-time. I’ve taken to working on it in the am hours at night and in the morning before anyone else gets up.

7 What are you currently reading?
I just finished the Hunger Games again. Its easily one of my favorites, though the Endless Magic series by Rachel Higginson was good, too. I plan to read The Flu by Jackie Druga next… or maybe Dust. Not sure which yet. Did you know she has over 3 dozen works available?

8 If you could coauthor a story with any writer out there—deceased or alive—who would it be? Or would you even consider collaboration?
I would consider it, but as to whom, I couldn’t even guess… unless Mark Vincent needs something penned! I doubt Stephen King would accept my request either and I can’t think of anyone else I’d share that honor with. We writers are just too picky.

9 Writing can be very challenging—what do you do to just “get away” for a break every so often?
I go to Target World and blast away with my 9mm... Doesn’t everyone?

10 What do you like LEAST about writing?
Editing. Besides the expense, it so important that I often stress over it.

11 Any advice for beginning authors?
Hire a real editor and save yourself all kinds of pain. And check out the weekly ebook series on my blog. You can get all kinds of great information, like how to increase sales on Amazon and where to get hundreds of free reviews.

12 Tell us about your other published works.
I have 11 titles available. If you go here, you’ll see the list and formats. Most are also related to the apocalypse, as the end of the world is an obsession of mine, but I also have two short story collections that are a mix of fantasy, horror, and sci fi.

13 How can readers contact you?
I have a form on my website and I love to hear from readers. They can also connect with me on FB and Twitter, or email me directly at

14 List of purchase links for your books.

Adrian’s Eagles Three months after the War of 2012, Safe Haven refugee camp has made it to South Dakota and now holds six of the seven special survivors meant to lead the rebuilding of their country -but it can’t be done until they find a safe place to settle… and who can think of peace when there’s a huge camp of foreign invaders less than a day behind their group and they only want one thing? Safe Haven and everyone inside the light.

Free-The Survivors-The bestselling novel that started it all.

I just want to say thanks, Alan, for having me! It’s been short and sweet, the best type of interview.
Waving at you,

Angie, I see your fans and readers waving back!