Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Splash Blog Hop!

                                                      SUMMER SPLASH BLOG HOP!

It's time for the IWU Summer Splash Blog Hop! Are you  ready to surf--I mean hop? Then let's go. First, a few rules for the contest.

Any reader/writer is eligible. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog post beginning 7/23. Very important--please leave an email address where I can contact you. At the end of each day, I will randomly pick a winner and the winner's name will be posted below. The prize is a free Smashwords coupon for my biomedical thriller GARGOYLES, the first book in the Resurrection Trilogy series. From 7/23 until 7/31, there will be nine winners.

Then on 8/1, I will randomly choose one winner from these nine who will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

Now for the REALLY good news! There will be six, yes I said SIX grand prizes for the entire tour, including two Kindle Fires, Amazon Gift Cards, Kindle Covers, and a bunch of IWU books (the book prize will be gifted to one prize winner). At the end of the blog tour, all the winners' names from all the different blogs will be collected and some lucky individuals will win these fantastic Holiday Hop grand prizes.

That's it. Simple. So everyone enjoy yourselves and have fun. With all the different blogs participating, there are plenty of prizes for everyone. Click on the link above or below and START HOPPING!

Day #1 winner--Chrystina Williams--congrats!

Day #2 winner--Invisible_fish. Congrats!

Day #3 winner--Katrina Williams. Congrats!

Day #4 winner--Science Mamma. Congrats!

Day #5 winner--Crystaley73. Congrats!

Day #6 winner--Michelle Bledsloe. Congrats!

Day #7 winner--Tobi. Congrats!

Day #8 winner--Kitty. Congrats!

Day #9 winner--Jennifer Rote. Congrats!

And congrats to Michelle Bledsloe--she is the winner of the $25 amazon gift card. Spend wisely. lol. And thank you everyone for participating. Happy reading to all!