Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Real Hemlock Pond!

Yes, there is a real "Hemlock Pond", the name given the fictional haunted pond in my most recent horror release, HEMLOCK POND. Though the actual pond has no name, this small one acre body of water is located hidden back in the woods on some land I own in north Texas. Stories abound about how Indian arrowheads can be found along the creek behind the pond, though I've looked and never found any. Wildlife is abundant though: coyotes, bobcat, raccoons, some deer, wild hogs, plenty, and yes, even opossums--no three legged ones so far. Fish, yes, turtles, yes, frogs, yes, snakes, of course, but there is no fictional kiddie dock--at least I haven't built one yet. Another major difference from the novel is the location--Megan and Zach move to Wisconsin where they encounter the fictional haunted Hemlock Pond. As mentioned earlier, the real pond lies in Texas. But there are no hemlock trees, however plenty of cedar. Why the location change? For the story to work, the pond had to freeze over solidly. This doesn't happen during a Texas winter, though thin films of ice do form along the banks some cold January days. If this pond were really in Wisconsin, it would freeze solid enough you could walk across. Is the real "Hemlock Pond" haunted? That's a good question. I will tell you if you hike down to the pond through the trees late at night, and gaze over the still water on a moonlit evening, you can find yourself thinking of things you might not (or should not) normally be contemplating--like...

(Photos courtesy of Carrie Smeltzer)


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