Thursday, November 29, 2012

THE LEARNER--Facts about Šumaura

1) Šumaura is located in a dark galaxy called XýK, millions and millions of light years from Earth. XýK is found in the dark universe, which is comprised of all dark matter and energy.

2) Dark matter is 85% of all matter.

3) Šumaura’s sun is called XÙ (see photo). XÙ is a dark energy sun and is over five thousand times the mass of our sun. and the dark universe are entirely invisible to the visible or light matter universe. It takes fifty-one Earth years for Šumaura to orbit XÙ, thus one Šumayin year is approximately fifty-one Earth years.

4) The visible matter universe and the dark matter universe are separated by a boundary called the ZÐ. Tremendous energy expenditure is required to cross the ZÐ.

5) Šumaura is approximately the size of Jupiter. Over a thousand Earths would fit inside Šumaura—and because of this great size, the gravitational pull on Šumaura is seventeen times that on Earth.

6) The inhabitants of Šumaura are called Šumayins. Šumayins are the dominant species on Šumaura, and would be invisible to all Earth species. However once a Šumayin takes on the form of the dominant species of the host planet they are visiting, they can be seen and interacted with.  

7) In THE LEARNER, the Šumayin who has traveled across the ZРto Earth is named NayéLi. She is twenty-two Šumayin years old.


An alien from the dark side of the universe is sent to Earth on a mission. Her name is NayéLi and she’s called a Learner. When NayéLi falls in love with a human—which is against her specie’s covenants of exploration—her rulers order her to leave him. NayéLi refuses, risking not only the successful outcome of her mission on Earth, but also her life as well as the life of the man she loves

THE LEARNER, a paranormal romance, will be released on Amazon and Barnesandnoble 1/1/13.

Thursday, November 1, 2012