Saturday, December 15, 2012

THE LEARNER. Šumayin Glossary

XýK  dark galaxy

XÙ  dark Šumayin sun

ZÐ   the boundary between the visible and dark universe  

Šumaura    alien Šumayin  planet in the dark universe

Šumayin    inhabitant of Šumaura

Usýs  God in Šumayin

HADJX  Šumayin code of conduct/laws

X§YTH   Šumayin  memory shield 

IY§UN  sojourn, temporary stay on an alien planet

I’WßE  humans, homo sapiens

ÞØ   planet earth

Æ  when a Šumayin enters a host body and germinates, becoming the host

XDÐΣ  when a Šumayin abandons a host body

RÐYZ  to lose consciousness

X£  Shut-down-mode

ΣY  when a Šumayin converts to dark matter and passes through solids

Z¥X   Šumayin  rulers

venøsó   learner

fønsà  retriever

gòvà  a class of Šumayin who produce offspring

dirgßs  lowest class of Šumayin

SolTæs   parent or parents

Tæs  offspring

wǒnéye   ringed-one. A host who will play a significant role in events affecting the host civilization. Ringed irises are only visible to Šumayins

kué    Šumayin teacher, highly respected

Tßçû    healers

Tßç    to cure oneself

BAæJ    brain-challenged human, either in brain anatomy or thought processes

junýæ   Šumayin comuunication/data storage device

ßǒ  when a Šumayin  influences a host’s thoughts

Σμ  energy

Σμ\ý change in energy flow pattern

Σμ><  energy bond

Σμß  energy pattern of distress

Ðh   hello

Ðhx  good-bye

}~   no, negative

~}~    yes

ßçû    data/vital statistics of a species

uyâ   kiss

uyâx   Šumayin energy fusion comparable to host sexual foreplay/intercourse

Ñý   death

î   Territory One—Europe, India, parts of Russia, Siberia

ï   Territory Two—Asia, parts of Russia, Siberia

ì    Territory Three—Antarctica, South Pole

í    Territory Four—Africa, Madagascar  

ïì   Territory Five—Australia, New Zealand, all islands of Indonesia, Japan

îì   Territory Six—Indian, Atlantic, Pacfic Oceans and islands

î¡  Territory Seven—South America

ïï   Territory Eight—North America

 Territory Nine—Arctic region, North Pole

Xckht   planet where NayéLi failed her first sojourn or IY§UN

ploqx   primary sensory organ of the host species on Xckht. Used to seek out minerals


An alien from the dark side of the universe is sent to Earth on a mission. Her name is NayéLi and she’s called a Learner. When NayéLi falls in love with a human—which is against her specie’s covenants of exploration—her rulers order her to leave him. NayéLi refuses, risking not only the successful outcome of her mission on Earth, but also her life as well as the life of the man she loves.  

THE LEARNER arrives on Amazon and Barnesandnoble on 1/1/13.

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