Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The year is 1554. The year of a great fire in Eindhoven, Netherlands, a rebellion by Sir Thomas Wyatt against Queen Mary of England, a historical city founding—São Paulo, Brazil, and a royal wedding—Queen Mary marries King Philip of Spain on July 24th of that year.

It is also the year a Learner from an alien galaxy first visits Earth.

Her name is NayéLi and she is a Šumayin from the planet Šumaura. She was sent here when she was thirteen alien years old on a ten year mission—Šumayin years which is a long time by Earth standards as one alien Šumayin year equals fifty-one Earth years.

Her assignment is simple and straightforward—learn everything she can about the flora, fauna, civilizations, history, geology, meteorology, and all other physical characteristics of this third planet from the sun—and convey this data back to her rulers on Šumaura, her home planet millions and millions of light years away on the dark side of the universe.

Assuming the form of Earth’s most advanced species—Homo sapiens, NayéLi becomes a young woman and goes about her business in an impersonal and methodical fashion, never deviating from the covenants and strict rules her controllers have imposed upon her.

Nine Šumayin years have passed and NayéLi, now twenty-two Šumayin years old, has done an exemplary job. One Šumayin year more and she will be ready to depart Earth forever. She will have been successful in all she’s strived for.

Simple and straightforward, right? Or so she thinks.

Until she meets a man who makes her realize she has become far more human than she—or her rulers—could have ever anticipated.

NayéLi does something she never would have thought possible when she first arrived on Earth—NayéLi falls in love.

And suddenly her alien mission and everything else the Šumayin part of her stands for is placed in jeopardy.

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