Monday, September 23, 2013

RESURRECTION, Book 3 in the Resurrection Trilogy

   The world is a changed place.  The landscape of humanity has been indelibly altered.
   Though Amoreena and the young child ’Cesa hold the secret to a cure for the deadliest plague to cross the globe in the history of mankind, implementing it will require tremendous luck and a Herculean effort.
    First, Amoreena and her companions must survive the long dangerous trek north to California, where Amoreena can access the technology necessary for her to pull off a miracle.  Along the way, she’ll confront numerous challenges and obstacles, including battling the infectados, the mutant survivors of enfermedad del diablo, a race of post viron subhumans that threatens to erase three hundred thousand years of evolution.
    She’ll need help.  And she’ll find it in the most unexpected places and situations.  But will Amoreena’s luck hold out long enough for the salvation of mankind?

    Read RESURRECTION, the startling and riveting conclusion to GARGOYLES and PLAGUE.