Sunday, February 14, 2016

Girl Blue-Horror or Erotica?

Girl Blue was never meant to be an erotic novel. It was originally written strictly with the horror genre in mind. So what happened? Somewhere along the way as the story unfolded, some sexual content crept in-slowly at first like a creeping green vine climbing a red brick wall, then without even being aware of it, Girl Blue, the character imposed her sensual will, and by the conclusion, erotica had subsumed a significant part of the horror. But as the sexual content could be construed as deviant in some ways, even the erotica was horror.

As happens in cases where the story falls into two widely divergent genres--horror  and erotica--the novel can create some unfavorable reactions in certain readers. Since its release, the book has garnered her share of criticisms and low rated reviews. Yet no matter the vitriol as evidenced on some of the Amazon and Goodreads reviews, the story remains true to the author's original intent. I should know, I wrote Girl Blue. And somewhere along the winding road to completion, the story morphed from all horror to an erotic horror story. And I wouldn't have ended it any other way.

Happy horrific erotic reading!