Sunday, May 1, 2016


   A mysterious unidentifiable object is discovered buried deep in an isolated glacier in Alaska’s rugged Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is composed of materials unknown to science and the mystery only deepens when the large unidentified object is determined to be twenty-eight thousand years old. Who left it there so many thousands of years ago? Why?
   Dr. Shelby Hollister, a specialist in primatology, is consulted when bones dug from the ice alongside the object are found to belong to an unknown species of prehistoric primate.
   The story explodes in magnitude when the object begins a physical transformation revealing what is inside—a perfectly preserved giant ape.
   Only this gargantuan primate is not just preserved—this ape is alive!
   Abominable. What happens when a giant Ice Age ‘Abominable Snowman’ escapes into the twenty-first century?

Cover reveal:Soon!
Novel: release early Summer 2016


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