Thursday, October 6, 2016

EXCERPT from ABOMINABLE. A giant ape scifi thriller!
   John practically broke into a jog as they neared the large sliding hangar doors. Shelby noticed they were secured tight and some kind of reflective material had been placed over all the windows along the roofline.
   John took her arm. “Mendle said to enter through here,” leading her to a side door.
   The clamoring echoed in the huge structure and that was not all Shelby noticed. The entire hangar was pitch dark except for small lights illuminating the exits. A guard escorted them past some vacant offices and into the main holding area.
   She heard the young airman say to John, “You ain’t gonna believe this shit.”
   John broke around a partition and lurched to a stop.
   Shelby quickly stepped beside him. She saw the entire platform bathed in blue ultraviolet light—the only illumination. The shadow of the crane stood nearby resembling a huge extinct dinosaur. Shelby’s eyes shot to the UCO. It was upright, no longer lying on its side. Multiple black lights hung at every angle over the apron.
   She felt her face flush when she zeroed in on the cylinder.
   John found his voice first. “Son of a bitch! What the hell do you call that?”
   For a long moment, Shelby stood frozen. When she finally found her words, she said, “Goliath. I would call that a Goliath.”